Radio Roundup 2018

The following were all recorded either at the SOAS Radio studio or at home using timecode/vinyl. I did a lot of shows this year, so I’ve just included things I was particularly proud of from a programming point of view! My hardcore/rave obsession has continued apace this year, although I still found the time to listen to and play a few new things.



A supposedly Valentine’s Day themed mix, taking you from sadboy grime to sickly sweet rave anthems to sadboy grime again (originally broadcast in this show).


Hardcore Continuum

One of the more ‘upfront’ mixes I did this year – dedicated to the blossoms and scholar-sages of Holland Park.


Wednesday Sessions Turntablism Special

On this show DJ Isuru and I delved into the history of turntablism, which I discovered can be stretched back to Ottorino Respighi’s Pines of Rome in the 1920s if you just believe. While researching this I also came across Shiva Feshareki for the first time, who featured in the excellent Pioneers of Sound Prom.



The last three months of the year saw the start of my project with Isuru, a history of dance music year by year, starting from the slightly arbitrary date of 1987.


Tracksimile #1

This is the start of a personal project, a show for reworks, transcriptions and remixes, and the first episode features jazz versions of popular songs. More episodes planned for the New Year – watch this space!



Most of my friends are probably well aware that I have a special fondness for early 90s dance music, so I was always going to enjoy that part of the rave history project. In case you’re wondering, the image is from an installation at the Leeds Tetley gallery.


Spooky Dubstep

My first dance music obsession was of course dubstep, so I was only too pleased to step up and supply a last-minute mix after my co-hosts were forced to drop out of a Halloween episode.



For my last show of the year on SOAS, I decided to splice 1992 and 1993 together, and came up with this live mix which I’m rather pleased with. Put this one on at your NYE party if you’re feeling brave.

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